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Where Science & Soul Merge

Modern day science is just now catching up with ancient traditional methods of healing or harnessing the power of the body and mind to create elevating states of consciousness and expanded awareness. Using the validating nature of emerging science combined with the irrefutable nature of personal experience, we seek to illuminate an accessible pathway for people to come into the rooted belief of their capacity to rise above life's obstacles.

Our 4 fundamental truths

Ancient & Traditional Healing Methods should be accessible to everyone.


Every path to healing or greater ease is personal and should be honored as such.


The darkness and density in our life should be respected as a great teacher.


Community and connection is the heart of what sustains us.


We pull from various wisdom traditions to offer you accessible ways to expand into your body's ability to heal, and your mind's capacity to conceptualize or intuitively know what is real and right for you in an age of vast information. 

Lightness lives in our breath, in our connection to each other, and can be expressed even in the way we approach the challenges of this significant shift in time. The wisdom is already within us all, encoded in everything from symbols to the spinal column, and our sharing comes from a will to serve you and us in remembering, better defining and covering the distance between where we are and our collective potential. 


We honor deeply those who've come before us, and we honor deeply those who come to us now with trust in their process, seeking their own Truth, their own guiding light. We only hope to have that same humility and grace that has helped this wisdom arrive to us, to continue to carry the torch, to be the light ourselves, and together light the flame that reignites the collective spirit.



Gia & Mason are partnered in love and service. They work to embody a mature understanding of the dynamic nature of healing. They believe in the playfulness of the universe, the force of light, and hope to bring both to life in how they approach their practice.


Gia's passion is in providing full service advisory and coaching practices with the intention to fundamentally shift the hearts and minds of the people she works with, while increasing their capacity to achieve their goals in the most optimally integrated & aligned way. From Executive Coach to Vibrational Sound Therapist, her experience in sharing ranges from CEOs to those struggling with addiction & trauma and others simply navigating life’s challenges, obstacles and transitions. Gia studied Sound Therapy with Vibration Sound Association, and herself has provided workshops and lead discussions around addiction and understanding the deeper nature of Trauma behind it. Gia has also studied Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Maté, and believes fully in the power of community and connection to help people heal their own life. It is her heart's highest honor to hold spaces of compassionate and non-judgment for people to process the pain and stress that has kept them from living in their potential.

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Mason uses Kundalini Yoga and its breathwork practices to provide people with an always accessible and accelerated way to get back to themselves, become crystal clear and connect to their Infinite nature. Witnessing people come into the awareness of all the natural faculties that are available to them to feel good and live free is his greatest joy. He studied Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan at The Hacienda De Guru Ram Das in Española, New Mexico. Prior to his training in Kundalini Yoga he was was certified in the Hatha tradition as an RYT200. Mason holds a trauma informed yoga certification from the National Association of Social Workers & Yoga Alliance. Most recently, he studied Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Maté, and Vedic Astrology & Ayurvedic Counseling with Dr. David Fawley at the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

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